The Men’s Boot Effect: Why Boots Make Men More Attractive

You will be surprised to what degree your boots can make you more attractive.

Adding a few pairs of boots to your wardrobe will make your outfit stand out more and allow you to look neater and put together. If you wonder why that friend of yours always prefers boots from sneakers or normal shoes, that’s because he knows some things that you don’t, and we’re here to tell you the secret.

So, let’s discover together the reasons why wearing boots instead of sneakers will add a touch to how you look and render you more attractive.

  1. They Add More Height

If you’re on the shorter side, worry no more! 

Adding boots to your daily outfits can make you appear a little taller than usual. In case you haven’t noticed, but most types of boots have an additional heel to them. You can easily find yourself a pair of boots that has a couple or even 3 inches of heel to them. They will allow you to seamlessly go from five foot four to five foot seven.

There are many types of boots to choose from that can fulfill your needs. Ankle boots, for example, have no shame adding high heels to them, and it even makes them look better on you.

Other than just “making” you look tall, boots that have high heels in them are more practical than those that don’t have them. A lot of styles, including cowboy, or Beatle boots become a lot more useful the bigger the heel is. Where this can be useful you might ask? If you’re going to be horse riding, or even dancing as a matter of fact.

As you may not be willing to try on cowboy boots, don’t worry, luxury boots, too have started adopting this and the result is that they make you look a lot sexier.

You don’t have to worry about them being uncomfortable to walk in, these boots have been built from the ground up, to be discretely elevating, superb, and very comfortable, it’s one of the reasons people buy boots anyway.

Of course, if you buy a pair of “luxurious” boots at a cheap price, you’re not going to get a really good deal. You’ll end up not being able to wait until you get home and take them off because of uncomfortable they make you feel. You’ll also notice how they’re pushing your feet up into the top of the upper, which was never designed to accommodate the additional lift to the wearer’s foot anyway.

If your life revolves around work and business attire, then more often than not, you’ll be able to get away with wearing a pair of boots to a business meeting. In most cases, people won’t even be able to tell the difference between a pair of boots and a pair of dress shoes, as long as your pants are long enough to cover the added height a boot has.

  1. Size Matters

Having big feet can mean a lot of things, so let’s just leave it at that. 

If you wear boots instead of your conventional sneakers or (god forbid) sandals, they will make your feet a little bigger than they actually are. That can make you look more masculine, too.

During winter, we tend to wear more clothes and start to layer up, which has its benefits and its shortcomings. For one, you’re going to start to look bigger from the upper body, and smaller in your legs and feet, which is why it is good to wear boots that make your feet look big, it just helps the whole outfit look more organized and well-put together.

If this is what you’re after, and you would like people to think your feet are bigger than they actually are, then we have the right solution for you.

Go for boots that are simple, yet have chunky soles. A thick commando sole can never hurt if it adds a bit of height, width, and volume to the whole look. One thing you might want to watch out for is if the pair of boots you’re going for is a bit of an elongated style, which can make your feet look out of proportion.

Another thing to consider trying are boots with pointier toes, and lighter colors. The reason why this is so important is because the pointiness of the boots will add a lot of length to your feet, the lighter colors will help give this illusion and make it look more real.

  1. Women Love It

If you haven’t seen this one coming, then here it is. Women LOVE men with boots. Period.

In a 2016 GQ magazine study, 200 women were asked their opinion on men and what they looked for in a man. Some questions were specific ones about style and how men dressed.

76% of those women said that they would like to see a man on their first date wearing boots.

The reason why women love men who wear boots is because they look manlier. Everybody wears sneakers and baskets, but not everyone wears boots. It’s a known fact that it takes a bit more confidence for one to dress out of their comfort zone, and not a lot of people have that.

By wearing boots, your body language starts screaming confidence, both because you’ve decided to make the change and because your wearing of the boots adds to your self-confidence.

A confident man is like a magnet to women. You can’t expect any woman to like you if you don’t even like yourself.

  1. You’ll Look Classier

Imagine you’ve got your favorite jeans on, favorite polo shirt and jacket, and now imagine you just put on your new shiny boots. You’ve just completed the look.

You can wear normal sneakers or baskets, don’t get me wrong, but they won’t make you look as refined, add to that the fact they look childish and no man who has any self-respect should casually wear them.

Nothing will ever beat a pair of high ankle boots with your black jeans. We can’t deny that it will give you a sexy, mysterious look.

Plus, if you want to stand out, whether it is at work or when out with friends, all you have to do is rock a pair of black or brown Chelsea boots. They’ll make you look classy, yet laid-back. You’ll look classy and still look like you didn’t really put much effort in it. Believe me, a lot of people will be impressed.

If you want to step things up a little, then you might consider wearing a pair of lace-up boots, and make sure they are brogue. Brogue looks antique, and gives the whole look a traditional, yet satisfyingly sexy look. Although it is more recommended to wear this type of boots for casual events, but wearing them to work wouldn’t hurt either, you’ll break a few necks here and there for sure.

A good pair of boots will make your jeans look even better on you, and that’s for sure.

Of course, you don’t have to stick to Lace-up, or Chelsea boots, there are a ton of options to choose from. Work boots, Desert boots, or even chukka boots, they’re all good options and you should try them all and see which one works best for you.

  1. They are Useful

Boots can offer you protection. The leather and fabric they’re made up of make them sturdy and able to withstand tough environments. They can protect your toes and ankles from any dangers that might come your way.

If your job requires you to walk, or even run (if you’re a cop), then you already know how functional and reliable boots are.

Other than just that, the way boots are built from the inside and out makes them warm your feet very successfully. You can’t keep wearing sneakers if the weather is freezing out there, not only is it uncomfortable for you but it’s also unhealthy. No matter how warm your body is, if your feet are cold, your entire body will follow. Depending on where you live and how cold it gets during winter, this can become even dangerous and you might risk not only your health, but your life.

Don’t wait until winter to start wearing them though, it’s a lot better if you make the transition in late autumn, both so you’re used to them by the time winter comes, and so you’re not surprised by any cold storm.

Even though boots are usually more expensive than normal shoes or sneakers, they are well worth the money. A pair of boots isn’t something you’re going to wear only a few times and have them tear up or not look as good as you first bought them. Boots will last you a very long time, and will continue to look just as shiny as the first day you got them.

  1. Always in Style

If you have some money you would like to invest in footwear, and you’re tired of the always-changing shoes and sneaker trends, then you’re in luck.

Grabbing a pair of boots will not be a good investment only thanks to the quality and durability, but also because most if not all types of boots never go out of style. Why should you take my word for it? You shouldn’t. Look for yourself, you’ll see that a lot of the boot trends that are going on today, have been going on for many years, and will continue to do so.

Even if you invest a few hundred dollars in them (not that you have to pay that much), you’ll get your money’s worth by never having to buy that style of boots again. The pair you got on will last you long enough, and will stay fashionable.

You don’t have to worry about aging, too. Boots look great and suitable on men of all ages. A pair of boots will look great on a 16-year old teenager, and will look just as good on a 50-year old man, and 50 isn’t even the limit.

4 Best Boots You Can Get Your Hands on Today

GLOBALWIN Mens Classic Winter Water Resistant Chukka Boots

Image result for GLOBALWIN Mens Classic Winter Water Resistant Chukka Boots

If you like how this pair of boots looks, then I have good news for you. It doesn’t just look good; it feels good around your feet as well. And the best part is that it’s only $34 if you get it right now.

It’s made from synthetic leather, which means that no animal was harmed in the making of these shoes.

The sole of these boots is rubbed, which gives it an antique look! And I shouldn’t forget to mention how comfortable it is.

It’ll look great with any outfit and will give you the classy look you’ve been looking for.

Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka Boot

Image result for Dr. Martens Bonny Chukka Boot

Now if Dr. Martens is known for anything, it’s for building great shoes and boots that will last you a lifetime.

This pair of Chukka boots is made from leather, has classic, and durable sidewall stitch construction, which means you shouldn’t worry about it tearing or breaking, it’s just not going to happen.

In fact, these boots are so great that they come out in a unisex design. Yes, you read that right, both men and women can rock this pair and look absolutely stunning.

If you want great quality, stick with Dr. Martens.

Florsheim Men’s Medfield Plain Toe Zip Boot Fashion, Black

Image result for Florsheim Men's Medfield Plain Toe Zip Boot Fashion, Black,

There is one thing that Chelsea boots are known for, which is that they’re very easy to put on and take off, adding to how extremely comfortable they feel.

This pair of Florsheim men’s Chelsea boots is made out of leather, has a good build quality, and will fit you perfectly thanks to the different options that the brand is offering their customers.

It has real leather built into it, and it features breathable linings. The sole of these boots is very durable, and has flexible, slip-resisting rubber.

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Image result for Timberland Men's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland is one of those brands that make you 100% confident you’re getting a good deal with them. Not only because of the great build quality, but because of how strong, durable, and comfortable the boots are.

This particular pair is no difference, it’s made out of 100% leather, has a rubber sole, and they have full-grain, waterproof, leather construction. The lace hardware that comes with this pair are rust proof, meaning you never have to worry about them getting out of shape.

Work boots are some of the sturdiest and strongest boots you can get your hands on. So, what are you waiting for?


If you want some piece of footwear that is comfortable, reliable, classy and adds to your looks, then it should have the word boot in the name. A lot of men keep postponing making the change until it’s too late, don’t wait and go ahead and invest in a couple of boots right now, it’ll be one of the best investments you’ll have ever made.

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