Does Your Fashion Style Match Your Personality?

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The first thing people notice as soon as they lay their eyes on you is your outfit, which can say a lot about your personality and even your current mood.

In fact, there are four major fashion personalities, but most women would actually have a mixture of up to 3 style personalities, which shows the amazing taste diversity that leads to uniqueness.

Finding out your own fashion personality will help boost your confidence through better representing who you really are as well as help you save money while shopping because you’ll avoid buying those items that always end up buried in the darkest corner of your closet. Plus, even if your bestie bought the same dress you have, you two will never style it the same way.

Keep reading to discover the fashion style that brings out your personality.

The Relaxed Fashion Personality

The best stores to shop from: Gap, American Eagle, Target, Everlane, Lou&Grey, J.Crew, Madewell

Having a relaxed fashion personality means that you always put your comfort first, however, you’re well aware that being comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean looking any less fashionable.

The superpower of a relaxed personality lies in always looking cool without any effort, be it in fancy sneakers, mom jeans, loose trousers, or neutral-colored cotton shirts.

This personality is all about coziness so she would instantly pass wearing tight pants or dresses and anything that doesn’t make her feel comfortable enough.

The Classic Fashion Personality

The best stores to shop from: Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren, The Limited, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Madewell, Joe Fresh, and Kate Spade

The classic personality is always attracted to structured and timeless outfits while avoiding trends, fussy prints, and anything flashy. Kate Middleton can be one of her favorite style icons.

The classy women are always prepared for every occasion and their closets may mainly include ballet flats, pearls, dark denim, blazers, pencil skirts, and tweeds.

The Romantic Fashion Personality

The best stores to shop from: Oasis, Ruche, ModCloth, Anthropologie, and Francesca’s.

If your outfits usually include flattering fits and feminine details, then you have a romantic fashion personality that thrives on natural beauty, especially if you’re immensely inspired by the Victorian Era, the French 18th century, and anything that’s gracefully vintage.

The romantic loves floral patterns, pearls, silk, antique jewelry, twirling skirts, and all shades of pink. However, she can also express herself in several different styles.

The Expressive Fashion Personality

The best stores to shop from: H&M, Zara, Topshop, Free People, Urban Outfitters, Marshalls, Piperlime, and ASOS.

Women who have an expressive fashion personality are fearless when it comes to trying new trends and daring to stand out. They’re more into chunky pieces of jewelry, funky patterns, bright colors, and bold outfits.

The expressive personality perceives fashion as a form of art and is always excited to create a unique fashion masterpiece every day. From a bohemian style to a retro one, this personality is ready to try it all and even excel at it.


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