Skincare 101: DOs and DON’Ts for Better Skin

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When it comes to skincare, there are some very important DOs and DON’Ts you need to be aware of. Your skincare routine can be a crucial determiner on how clear your skin is, which is why it is important you do the right things and avoid some behaviors that could be hurtful to you.


The following list is of the things you need to be doing either routinely or every once in a while to keep your skin shining.

  • Stay Hydrated: Your skin doesn’t just need to be moisturized from the outside, but from the inside too. Make sure you drink enough water every day; 6 glasses of water a day sound like a good amount.
  • Wash Your Face Daily: Using regular soap bars to wash your face can be harmful to your skin, which why it is recommended you only use freshwater that is NOT hot.
  • Moisturize Daily: Moisturizers help reduce the appearance of fine lines in your skin, which makes your skin look brighter and younger. It is recommended you apply moisturizers to your face and skin right after bathing, while your skin is still damp.
  • Wear Sunscreen: Sunray damage can cause wrinkles, age spots, and can go as far as skin cancer. Using a water-resistant sunscreen can offer you the best protection possible. Make sure you apply it right before heading out if it sunny outside.


While there are things you must do to take care of your skin, there are other things you need to completely avoid or cut down if you want your skin to stay healthy.

  • Smoke: It may be obvious that smoking is bad for you, but it can also harm your skin and make it age faster normal. A smoker’s skin gradually loses its natural coloring and starts to look pale. Another harm that smoking can cause is showing fine lines in your lips and making them look dry. 
  • Stress Out: Stressing out can be harmful to your skin, as well. Your stressful job can lead to serious skin damage if you don’t take precautions to prevent it. Wrinkles, skin breakouts, and damaged skin cells are all possible outcomes. Taking the time to relax and recharge is important by doing some activities you enjoy.
  • Consume too Much Sugar: I’m not saying you should completely abolish sugary foods and beverages, but you should at least cut down on them and make sure they are not consumed daily. High-sugar diets can cause skin breakouts through inflammations. 
  • Drink too Much Coffee: Drinking too much coffee can lead to so many skin problems! First, it can increase your stress level, which in itself has a lot of problems. Second, it can lead to your body being dehydrated. If you’re a coffee addict, make sure you drink more water to balance your diet!


It doesn’t take a lot of work to take care of your skin, but it does require some commitment and long-term changes in your routine. The DOs and DON’Ts we compiled in this article will help you take care of your skin and keep it look young.


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