How to Build the Best Female Six Pack Abs

It is no lie that getting a 6-pack is anything but easy. While many people never get this look no matter how hard they try, let’s rather focus on women who are rocking their six-packs and investigate their fitness and nutrition routines.

In fact, crunches and planks barely affect the rectus abdominis muscle, which is covered by fat. This makes your hard work go to waste, yet, it’s totally normal.

On the bright side, you can bring your abs to life by lowering overall body fat as well as developing core strength. But to make sure you’re doing the things that work best with your body, don’t hesitate to consult your healthcare professional first. Then, take a look at these golden abs’ tips that female trainers swear by.

Be consistent.

Work out for up to one hour daily about 5 times a week.  When training, try to concentrate on both cardio and strength training to maintain an elevated heart rate while building metabolism-enhancing muscle. 

Stimulate your abs during each exercise.

Whether exercising or just sitting around, you can still activate your abs. You just need to draw your navel in towards your spine so the rest of your body is stabilized.

Use workout gear. 

You can include a 10-minute ab routine at the end of your workouts about 3 times per week. Make sure to use stability balls and sliders for a more intense routine. 

Grow some muscles.

Putting on more muscles means you’ll get to burn more fat. This is just perfect since fat is the six-pack’s worst enemy.

Strength training + HIIT cardio.

If you’re already a weight-lifter, try including some intense interval training to your routine to burn more calories and get mas abs.

Prepare your own meals.

Try to always cook at home so you can control exactly what you feed your body. Focus on lean protein and plenty of fresh veggies.

Use a barbell.

Squat while holding a barbell in front of your shoulders to naturally get your core in the habit of protecting your spine, which in turn helps make your abs stronger. 


Being exposed to high stress levels in addition to an unhealthy sleep pattern can easily stimulate your body to produce cortisol, which increases blood sugar, suppresses your digestive system, and messes up your immune system. That’s really bad news for your abs because when the body is stressed out, it tends to feel bloated more often as well as gain weight faster. 

Carbs are not your enemies.

Protein should take a large part of your diet, but this doesn’t mean you should cut off carbs. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates such as fruits and whole grains also wonderful sources of fiber that promote digestion and decrease bloating.

Following a restrictive diet is a bad idea.

You may try to follow a rule called the 80/20, which means 80% of what you eat should come from non-processed animal and plant sources while 20% is more flexible. In fact, many nutritionists use this trick to teach moderation. 

Stop worrying about big vs. small meals.

We often hear trainers praising how eating small frequent meals resulted in their awesome six-packs. But it’s not really necessary to stick to a specific number of small meals a day because what really matters is the total calories as well as the macronutrient content your body has at the end of the day. 

Follow a program.

You need to develop a structured fitness plan instead of simply shooting in the dark and hoping for abs. Follow your chosen program strictly, and if you can’t elaborate one, you can always borrow one from a certified fitness trainer you like. Remember, it’s all about consistency.

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