This is What Women Should Wear for Every Type of Dress Code

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You’re overjoyed to attend an exciting event and you even start imagining what you’ll be wearing until you notice that strange dress code on the invitation. I know! it can be pretty upsetting. But while it’s easy to hate dress codes, it can be easier to understand what they really mean. Trust me!

From casual to cocktail, we’ll give you super simple descriptions of each dress code, along with the most suitable outfit that you can wear beautifully and confidently. In fact, there are very specific expectations behind every attire, even the confusing casual dressy one.

Shopping for the perfect ensemble is already hard enough, so whether you’re attending your bestie’s wedding or starting a new job, we’ve got you covered!


The casual dress code is super easy, yet quite tricky because it can include anything, even sneakers and jeans. However, keep in mind that casual means you won’t feel comfortable in outfits that are too dressy.

The best casual outfit would include jeans and sneakers. Then you can feel free to choose any shirt, sweater, or jacket you want on top.

Casual Dressy

Casual dressy is just a bit dressier than the casual look. You can’t go wrong with a nice combination of a collared shirt and a jumpsuit or their precious pants along with a pair of ankle boots.

Pro tip: Heels can enhance the look of flared jeans in a gorgeous way.

The best outfit is a blouse, black pants, and ankle boots.

Business Casual

This dress code is used by most corporate offices. While it’s not too formal, it’s not too casual either. Women can go for a blouse and pencil skirt or a blazer and dress pants. Jeans and sneakers are totally banned in this dress code.

The best outfit for business casual is a tweed blazer and black trousers.

Business Formal

Work lunches, conferences, and other semi-formal daytime events typically call for a business formal dress code. So if you want to rock this code, you should go for a tailored dress or a pantsuit. The purpose of this code is to wear something that feels dressed-up but also looks professional.


When this dress code appears on an invitation, it usually inspires positive reactions. Festive attire is a perfect opportunity to wear that astonishing red satin dress or a dazzling sparkly sequin dress.

So embrace the festivity and go for a sequin party dress.


Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between festive and cocktail dress codes, but the cocktail one is more about party-ready short dresses. If you’re confused, it’s best to wear a typical little black dress along with trendy jewelry. Or if you’d rather wear another more cheerful color, just make sure it’s a feminine and bright dress.

Creative Black Tie

This dress code allows you to have fun while looking amazing. You’re more likely to come across a creative black tie at theme parties. In this case, you should choose an outfit that matches the theme, be it retro black tie, 20s black tie, or Texas black tie. Well, you get the idea!

For instance, if it’s a Texas-themed party, you’d want to wear a gown and a cowgirl hat. Just keep the balance between formal and trendy.

Black Tie Optional

This dress code is more open for women because they can wear a long dress, a cocktail outfit, or anything in between. However, a black-tie optional attire should always be more formal.

To make things easier, just wear an ankle-grazing dress along with bold and unique jewelry.

Black Tie

While this dress code is pretty obvious for men, it’s just not that clean for women! So the best way to avoid the dilemma is to simply wear a long gown if you’re attending a fancy wedding, and a little black dress with statement jewelry if you’re going to a work-related event.


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