How to Beautifully Handle Dress Codes at a Restaurant

Dress code is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when making a dinner reservation. Although restaurant dress codes can be tricky, especially if you’re always too excited to dress to perfection, they can be simpler than you may think.

So whether you’re looking for a quick bite, attending a business lunch, or going out on a romantic date, we’ll help you feel comfortably gorgeous while perfectly reflecting the restaurant’s dress code.

Keep reading to find out how to easily and beautifully handle every dress code.


If you feel like the casual dress code at a restaurant needs to be more specific, you’re not alone.

When eating out at a restaurant, every woman out there would feel the need to add a more sophisticated touch to her appearance. But since this dress code is the least dressy of all codes, it can be interpreted in multiple different ways. Just make sure to avoid wearing head-to-toe activewear.

The main purpose of this dress code is to make you feel comfortable while still looking polished. Your best bet is that effortlessly elegant look that gives the impression of a random outfit that accidentally turned out looking stylish. You can blindly go for a cropped top, flowing midi skirt, and flat sandals. Or a pretty blouse, boyfriend jeans, and slingback mules. Now you can enjoy your dinner in style.

Casual Elegant

This dress code focuses on elegance above everything else, yet, you can still enjoy the casual part. Think about an English tea date, not exactly what you’d wear to run errands. You may even find yourself naturally going for the casual elegant look when hanging out with the girls, going on a regular date, or having dinner with family. What I’m trying to say is that the elegant side of the casual means making a typical outfit more stylish.

To successfully dress for the casual elegant code, go for a silk slip dress, mules, wrap, and a clutch. You’ll certainly make an astonishing appearance.

Business Casual

The word business is a game-changing addition, making that stylish jeans you probably planned to wear totally unacceptable. In business settings, you should rather go for a chic pair of dress pants.

Wearing business casual for a restaurant becomes easy once you know that you simply have to pick an outfit you’d normally wear to work. But if you’re the type of girl who wears trendy outfits to work, just make sure to keep an elegant and professional look. To avoid doubts, I recommend wearing a graphic t-shirt with an over-size blaze, along with a tailored pant and a pair of oxford loafers.


 This means you’ll have to say goodbye to your precious jeans as well as your regular fashionable look. The bright side of this dress code is that you’ll get to wear the outfit you’ve been dreaming of, and the fact that formal events are very rare makes it even more exciting to go for extra glam and glitz.

Going formal embraces suits, cocktail dresses, and gowns, with the possibility to add a bit of your personal touch. More interestingly, it’s a very good excuse to go shopping! For an exquisite outfit, choose a sleep long dress, a top-handle bag, and a slight heel. Don’t forget to enjoy all the glamorous vibes.

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