10 Things Women Do That Attract Men Like a Magnet

When a man likes someone, most of the time, he tends to make the first move and simply ask them out. As simple as that. But, with women, things differ. 

Women are not likely to express their true feelings openly, especially if it is related to men and love. Their feelings are a lot more subtle and hard to detect than those so obvious of men. Women have developed their own ways to attract you just like a magnet, without you ever noticing it. 

You can think of them as traps that they put in your way so that you go and make the first move. 

Psychologically speaking, women are more vulnerable to feelings than men. This isn’t to say that men do not get emotional. But the thing is that an upfront rejection can cause serious emotional damage to women while being it less devastating when it occurs to men. Also, the response to that rejection differs totally from one to another. For most women, being rejected is a serious insult to their feminine side. While for men, it is only a wasted chance, and you can always try again. 

For all these reasons, and more, women try their best to not show and hide their emotions, especially attraction. 

The following are a few signs that women do to attract you, let’s check them out!

1.      Way of Speaking

Most men prefer feminine soft voices over those of more masculine traits. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

If a woman wants to grab your attention, not only will she talk in a more feminine manner, but she will also change the way she talks. It might seem sometimes as if she is pretending or faking it. Moreover, she might even start talking in a way that is similar to that of yours, both because she already likes you, and to make sure she has your attention when talking to you. Unless she loves sarcasm of course.

Some women, on the other hand, tend to be rude if you’re important to them. They might even act as if they hate you, or as if you’re not around at all. Sometimes this neglect comes from strong feelings of attraction and love, and not hatred as you might think.

Make sure you keep an eye for this!

2.      Makeup

It is true that women wear makeup for themselves and not to seek attention. (At least that what they believe) But, if you notice that someone who doesn’t wear it very often starts doing so while spending more time with you, this means that she probably has a thing for you. And probably is looking to get you to like her.

Again, wearing makeup is another way to show the feminine side of women. A way to emphasize on the beautiful side more. Wearing makeup, therefore, has a sole function in this case: Attracting your attention. 

Plus, women believe that men are more attracted to women who use moderate amounts of makeup, which is not the case all the time. Which makes it a thing that you should be aware of as well!

3.      Laughing at Your Jokes

Men tend to make jokes all the time, they may not all be funny but we make them anyway.

If a woman constantly laughs at your jokes, hold on your horses and don’t get ahead of yourself thinking that you’re the next king of comedy. She might not laugh just because she finds your jokes funny. 

Most women will only laugh at your jokes if she is interested in you, that’s one of their ways of showing that interest, and also a way to attract you more into them.

In fact, laughing at your jokes is a cunning way of luring you to make more jokes, and most importantly keeping your focus in the girl’s direction.

4.      How She Dresses Around You

Again, I’m not saying that women dress solely to impress men, but it’s also not completely false.

Believe me, if your female coworkers have no interest in anyone at the workplace, they would not spend extra time freshening up and putting on nice clothes. Why would they spend such time and effort to look in a certain way if it was for nothing? Same goes for men, too. 

Sometimes, if a woman likes you that much, she would go out of her usual dressing style just to impress you. Trying new outfits and haircuts are signs that you should pay attention to. 

A woman would often try to dress really well around you to make sure you are hooked. She might even keep asking you how certain dresses look on her and what’s your opinion about them.

5.      Playing with Her Hair

Body language is for sure one of the most important and obvious signs that can expose an attracted woman. One of these body-language signs, and the most common one of them in this case, is playing with hair. 

Psychologists say that playing with one’s hair is a sign of timidity, shyness, and nervousness. This sign is often portrayed when the person does not know how to approach the situation, or too shy to make any move. 

However, it is a very important and direct way of attracting men. If a woman constantly plays with her hair when you are around, know that she’s trying to get your attention and possibly make you attracted to her.

Not only that but wearing her hair down can also be an indicator of attraction.

6.      Positive Attitude

Women know that men are attracted to pleasant, positive and cheerful women. A person that can bring happiness and joy to their lives.

One way of trying to attract you would be if she is showing more of this side of her personality. You can notice these things if she’s always trying to avoid talking about negative subjects, and how she is supportive of anything positive that you tell her. 

Again, there are people out there who are very positive and optimistic about everything, people who see the good within the bad. However, your metric should always be how they treat you against how they treat others. 

Also, note that an attracted woman will try her best to keep you the center of the discussion in order to know more about you.

7.      Smiling

Smiling goes along with the positive attitude that women try to pull out. Everybody loves smiley faces! And which straight man resists the smile of a beautiful woman?

The thing is, women know this very well, and they use it all the time without us knowing about it.

Women are always told to smile; which is why they hate doing it! If a woman is smiling, half the time, while she is talking to you or just being around you, that’s her way of trying to pull you closer to her and making sure that you will notice her.

8.      Showing Interest

Sometimes a woman might try all of the mentioned above techniques to seduce someone, but what can we say, most men do not understand the soft gender’s language and signs (the person writing this article included). Which leaves them with no other solution but to use more explicit techniques.

One of these techniques that a woman would try to attract is simply trying to explicitly show her interest in you.

This could be done through trying to know more things about you, asking about your well-being, your thoughts concerning certain things, and the famous asking, have you eaten or not yet.

When a girl cares about you, she starts showing interest in your personal life, behavior, lifestyle, and so on. This can be almost as direct as telling you that she likes you, and this is one of the easier signs to detect for us men.

9.      Kindness

Nothing beats being kind. Although it is known that some people mistake it for interest, women are very kind to those they are interested in and trying to attract.

This is not to say that every kind girl around is necessarily in love with your charm, but exaggerated kindness is the one to look for. This can be easily detected if she is not being as kind to everyone else around as she is to you. You may not notice it but you’ll most probably feel attracted to her after a while of constant care and kindness towards you.

10. Telling Jokes

Men aren’t the only ones capable of telling jokes. Women don’t make jokes as often as men do, but when they do, it means something.

A woman will be able to tell your sense of humor and use it to tell the types of jokes she thinks you will laugh at. If she keeps trying to make you laugh (failing or succeeding), that’s because she wants you to give her attention. You will unconsciously be attracted to her because she is simply different and more fun.


Women are a lot more subtle than men when it comes to sending signals to attract their opposite gender. Yet, their ways are very effective, and you need to be aware of them. Their ways will get you deep in love with them before you even know what you’re dealing with.

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