10 of the Most Important Qualities Women Really Want in a Man

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Women tend to fall in love based on what’s inside the man rather than what he looks like no matter how much time they may spend describing the man of their dreams.

This means that heterosexual women are often moved by their partner’s brain and personality.Although looks are important to many women, most of us care more about the whole package.

So, basically, we want a good-looking man in a healthy body, and more importantly, “the one” who possesses all of the following characteristics:

1.   Emotionally Mature

While some childish fun is healthy and beneficial when it’s appropriate, it’s also crucial for a man to behave like the grown-up he is when it’s necessary. He should be aware that healthy communication and connection, as well as a high level of maturity,are the foundations of a successful relationship.

2.   Kind-Hearted

Women want a kind and caringman who can be a friend, a partner, and an equal. He should truly care about the relationship and be willing to open his heart and share his thoughts and feelings shamelessly. After all, it’s only human. 

3.   Smart

Intelligent and witty men are the most attractive.Women simply enjoy feeling enlightened, be it about the latest scientific discovery or the newest restaurant in town. We like being around someone brainy. Plus, in most cases, smart men know how to befunny enough to attract women.

4.   Trustworthy

Honesty is a make or break trait. Women won’t be attracted to someone who gives them any reason to doubt him.Trustworthiness is what makes relationships reach deeper and more meaningful levels. Also, a man should take responsibility for his actions and behavior.

5.   Confident

Women are attracted to men who are confident about how great they are. When you have healthy self-esteem and your actions reflect it, women will be naturally drawn to your charm. We generally find a man with a big personality simply irresistible.

6.   Good Listener

While not all women love to do a lot of talking, most of us love to share our emotions and thoughts. So a man who can genuinely listen to his lady can be a real catch. If you think about it, listening to someone you care about only shows how much you value and respect their feelings and ideas. 

7.   Thoughtful

Being thoughtful means showing us that you care about the things we love and enjoy, be it our favorite books, foods, flowers, or movies. Being interested in discovering the other person’s hobbies and favorite activities reflects how much that person truly means to you. Plus, a considerate man is always irresistibly charming.

8.   Just the Right Amount of Flexible

Women want to date men who can join them at a business dinner, their bestie’s wedding ceremony, or a sports game. Just someone who can be flexible enough for the sake of socializing together, and of course, spending more time together without overdoing it though.

9.   Presentable

Men who are well dressed and smell nice are so much more attractive than those who go for casual-careless outfits without a single care about perfumes. If you’re put together, you’re showing the world that you value yourself and your appearance, and women would fall in love with that.

10.   Feminist Ally

Women need men who want to see themsucceed as much as they want to enjoy their own success. Men who acknowledge a woman’s strengths and respect her intelligence, personality, and decision-making abilities.

If he believes in your inner power, he’s a keeper!


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