Why Are Luxury Watches Expensive?

People love luxury things. This is why the demand for luxury watches is high around the world. Understanding what makes them expensive can help you find out if they are really worth their price or not.

If you are new to this type of watch, you probably wonder why owning an expensive watch means that you are rich? Is it because people think that only the rich can afford such a thing? Or does it mean that wearing such a wristwatch makes them look richer than they really are?

The reality is that luxury watches aren’t only considered as investments made by wealthy people. They may be status symbols but not all people who want to own one cannot buy one due to financial difficulties. There’s more to this and we’ll try to explain further.

What are luxury watches?

One reason why luxury watches are expensive is because they’re made entirely by hand. This luxury item’s luxury begins in its manufacture. Cheap luxury watches sometimes have standard movements but luxury ones contain superior movements that need hours of assembly work before they can be sold to consumers.

This type of watch uses better materials like metals, gems, and leather than regular watches. Some luxury watches don’t even use metals and they’re made of pure gems that are rare and expensive in their own right. You may not want to wear such luxury watch every day but you need to buy one because it will be a great addition to your luxury collection of items.

Time is luxury watch’s greatest cost

One luxury watchmaker who makes luxury watches for a living said that luxury watchmaking takes an average of two years to finish. This luxury brand also claimed to have paid thousands of dollars just to train one watchmaker over the course of five years before he can finally produce his very own luxury watches under their company label. Such example shows how luxury watches’ assembly time plays a role in its final price tag.

Who should buy luxury watches?

We’re not saying luxury watches are only for rich people. Just like luxury shoes and luxury bags, luxury watches can be bought by those who have the money to do so. Luxury watches that were made from precious gems or metals will cost a lot but if you have that amount of cash in your bank account, go with it.

However, luxury watches with precious stones aren’t the only expensive ones out there. Even a standard luxury watch is going to cost you an arm and a leg. If you don’t want to spend more than one million dollars on a luxury watch, opt for less popular brands instead of huge brand names out there because these lesser brands still offer luxury items at far more affordable price tags.

How to find the best watch for you? You’ll find luxury watches priced on the market from $15,000 to $8 million. You can buy luxury watches with precious metals or gemstones but some luxury watch makers still offer luxury models without gems and metal parts for those who want one that is more affordable. If you’re lucky, you might even find luxury items at far more affable price tags like high end quartz luxury watches that cost less than $1000.

Luxury doesn’t mean expensive all the time. There are tons of luxury watches available today that offers great value especially if they’re made from materials like titanium and rubber instead of gold and diamonds. But make sure to do your homework first before buying luxury watches because not all brands live up to their name as a luxury maker.

Luxury watches are far more than luxury items. They represent a luxury lifestyle and luxury thinking so don’t hesitate to include luxury watches in your luxury collection of luxury items if you have the money for it. Who said luxury watches are only for wealthy people anyway?

The benefits of owning a luxury watch?

  • 1. luxury watch is a luxury item
  • 2. luxury watch is hand made (and not by machine like the cheap luxury watches out there)
  • 3. luxury watch will have superior movements than cheap luxury watches with inferior movements
  • 4. luxury watch uses better materials in its making compared to regular watches
  • 5. luxury doesn’t always mean expensive, some luxury watches are quite affordable for a wider clientele.

How to care for your new timepiece?

Luxury watches are luxury items so you should take care of them better than other luxury items. You can’t just use luxury watch with harsh chemicals or because it doesn’t match your outfit that day, luxury watch needs extra special treatment because luxury watches are made up of delicate parts and materials. If you’re not careful enough, luxury watches will get easily damaged especially if you don’t clean it before putting it back inside its box or display case.

Some luxury watch brands offer cleaning services for their luxury timepieces but other brands require self servicing so make sure to ask the store where you plan to buy your luxury watch about how to properly maintain your new luxury item. Remember, all good things need proper care in order to keep luxuries in luxury.

Luxury watches are luxury items and luxury items need extra special care. That’s why luxury watches simply deserve luxury treatment!

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