How to Dress Like a Man – Fashion Credos Every Man Should Know

Everyone can dress however they like, but not everyone knows how to dress well! 

A lot of men struggle to dress in a classic style. It’s not as hard as it appears to be, you just have to be self-aware of your dressing and only wear what makes you look like a man. 

I know that this sounds very sexist, or whatever, but what can we say, if you’re a man then dress like one. The truth is that nowadays a lot of fashion styles has emerged with too much fuss, which makes it difficult, even for professionals, to identify and classify what a MAN should wear.

However, in this article, we collected some standard yet basic elements that will not only help you dress like a man, but also make you aware of what can be considered as a manly style and what can’t be. Because, after all, the fashion world is very dynamic.   

There is a set of rules you should follow if you want to look sharp, which is how a man should be!

1. Dress Your Own Style

Before indulging in the small details of how you should dress up, let us agree on some important key points.

First, whatever piece of clothing you wear, like, consider buying, or even dream of, make sure that it makes you comfortable. 

One of the most important characteristics of men is confidence. And being uncomfortable in your own clothes is considered as a death sentence to your confidence, let alone your physical appearance.

So, no matter what, stay comfortable.  

Second, don’t wear something just because it looks good on an actor, on one of your friends, or just because you saw it in a fashion magazine.

You are an independent person with an independent style. Of course, people might like the same things, but that does not justify being an imitator.

It is a sore eye looking at two people walking while wearing the exact same clothes. Besides, it is creepy. 

So, Don’t be an imitator.

2. Dress Up

Don’t be shy to dress up, and this doesn’t mean dressing up for events or weddings, but your normal daily life is what we are talking about here.

You have a few suites; wear them, that’s why you bought them in the first place, right? Don’t wait for special occasions to bring them out, and treat yourself every day of the week if you feel like it.

You are special, and that is enough reason to be the best version of you every day. So, wear your best, and make sure that your closet is full of only the best clothes that you can wear. 

3. Ditch T-shirts

I know, T-shirts are the best piece of clothing ever made in human history. They are comfortable, simple, and look great on you. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, T-shirts are great and all, but you’re not an 18-year-old kid. If you want to look like a man, you have to start dressing like one.

You have to step up a little bit and upgrade that closet of yours if it is full of T-shirts only. Get yourself a few shirts, a blazer, or even a polo shirt if you don’t like how shirts feel on you.

You have to know that T-shirts are part of the Casual Dress Code and that they are not formal at all. They are not suitable for most events and occasions. 

4. Wear What Fits

Never wear anything that doesn’t fit you right. Whether it is loose or tight, do never wear something other than your own size.

Personally, I used to wear very loose clothes; my size is Small and I have worn Large and even XL clothes for so long. Not that I was into rap or something, but that was my style somehow. Now, looking back at my photos, you have no idea how ridiculous my look was.

You can be wearing the most formal and most expensive suit money can buy, and yet you will look like a fool if it is too baggy or too tight on you.

Besides the look thing, and psychologically speaking, wearing unfit clothes shows that you are not confident in your own body. Talking from experience, wearing baggy clothes was a mere try to hide myself from others because I wasn’t confident enough in my shape. So, trust me don’t do it.   

This is the rule that you should always follow if clothes fit you well, and even if they’re not that good they’ll probably look good on you.

5. Match Your Clothes

There are other colors besides black, white, and grey (everyone’s favorite), and trust me they look really good.

Apart from the gloomy and gothic style of dark colors, vivid colors are very expressional. They can literally bring life to your old school and gothic library. 

For that, it is recommended to have a wide range of colors in your closet and drawer. But, don’t go crazy with that because you have to pay serious attention to how you can match the colors. 

Wearing colored clothes is good, but make sure what you’re wearing is the same color or at least in the same color range that the rest of the outfit is in.

A blue blazer with a green shirt and red shoes is sure not impressing anyone, unless if you’re a clown. This includes your belt and accessories too.

It’s cheesy, but still, it’s true: With great colors comes great responsibility. Just ask women about it. 

6. Jeans

Again, the same things that we said about T-shirts apply here as well. 

Jeans are awesome and they’re often called the wardrobe’s Swiss army knife, but don’t be fooled thinking you can wear them with anything.

Jeans are great, but if you’re going to dress up, they won’t do you any good. Diversify your pants by purchasing a few chinos, Khakis, Corduroys, basically anything, just don’t stick to jeans only.

Please avoid wearing those jeans, or any other clothes, that are shredded and full of holes. It is not fashionable at all inside the men’s territory. 

The key point here is diversity. Do not stick with only one type of clothes. There are many other options, so make use of them.

7. Wear a Tie

Don’t be shy to wear a tie. Ties come in different sizes and shapes, and they all have one thing in common: with the right outfit, they’ll make you look more formal, professional, sophisticated, and more committed to your style.

Just make sure you wear a tie properly, and you get the right one for you. Don’t listen to salespeople since they’re just trying to sell you what’s most profitable to them. 

And do not forget to keep it simple and clean. 

8. Wear Accessories

Most men forget that these even exist which is a real SHAME! 

I promise you it wouldn’t hurt to put on a nice classic watch, a pin, cufflinks, or a pocket square. Just be sure to wear these in moderation and make sure they are pulling the whole look together.

Accessories are part of the Gentleman’s look; their first objective is to be of use to you. As an example, the watch is for you to keep track of time, and the pocket square is to handle to a crying woman. 

The second objective of accessories is to make you look classy, so make sure to use them right. 

9. Shoes


It doesn’t get more explicit than that right?

Sneakers are good and comfortable, but they don’t belong here if you’re planning to dress yourself up and be a little more formal.

If your closet is full of sneakers, then it’s time to knock it off. It’s time to step up and start wearing what men do. It’s time to hit the nearest mall my friend. 

Nothing beats a pair of brogue shoes, boots, or even work boots. They will give you a formal, professional, tougher, and more respectable look! There’s basically no reason why you shouldn’t start wearing them today.


It’s not that hard to dress like a man, but it’s also very easy to mess it up, and a lot of men end up looking like creepy teenagers while in their 30s.

Each man is unique with a special style and character. When it comes to your look, don’t forget that there are standards to meet. But don’t forget as well to be creative and show your own uniqueness throughout a classy style. 

While following these steps, keep in mind that if you’re not comfortable in something, it probably doesn’t look good on you. So, be sure to be comfortable in everything we mentioned above, before you make the purchase.

The last tip of advice for you here is that you have to be aware of the different dress codes, their meanings, and when they are appropriate. Real Men do wear the right outfit on the right occasion. For that, it is crucial to learn about dress codes in order to be a gentleman.

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