How a Man Should Dress in His 30s

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When you turn 30, there are a set of unwritten rules that you should be following to ensure that you look like a man should look at that age. You can’t still be experimenting with different clothing styles at that age, instead you should have already figured out how YOU look stylish and classy.

Vary Your Looks

Don’t be that someone who found something that looks good on him, and never stopped wearing it. Buying the same type of clothing items all the time is going to start looking boring at some point, too.

Instead, try to diversify how you look. One of the best ways to impress people is if they see you wearing different styles all the time, and look good in every one of them. People will quickly start getting impressed and wondering how you could pull this off all the time.

Items a Man in His 30s Should Own

If by any means you take how you look seriously, which is obvious that you do, that’s why you’re here in the first place, there are a few necessities your wardrobe should be full of as soon as your turn 30 years old.

Clothing isn’t just how you look, but it is how you’re perceived by the people around you.

– Blazers

First, drop the bomber jackets, and replace them with blazers instead. These will make you look more respectable, and will give your look a slight formal touch to it. You will actually be surprised how only 1 clothing item can improve how you look.

– Sweaters and Cardigans

You MUST have at least a few of these in plain, solid colors. You can never go wrong with them, and they can go with anything.

A sweater would look great with a simple overcoat on top of it during winter season, or even with a blazer on top of it, too.

A cardigan is a man’s best friend. Throw it on top of your checkered shirts, sweaters, or even flannels (although they aren’t very much recommended at this age).

– Long Overcoats

Whenever you’re wearing a good blazer or suit, you can’t just throw any puffer jacket or parka on top of it. If you start your look classy, finish it classy as well. You should own at least 1 decent, dark long overcoat that can go with pretty much all your classic suits and formal clothing items.

– Polo Shirts

When you were younger, these were considered a bit of a formal shirt. But now, things are different, you wear these when you aren’t in the mood to put on a full suit or a shirt and blazer.

Polo shirts also look great on you, the button-up looks sophisticated and gives your whole look a serious touch.

– Trousers & Pants

I am not saying that jeans suddenly became a bad choice; they are still considered humanity’s best invention. But, you shouldn’t stick to them only. Vary your look by getting yourself a pair of Chinos, Khakis, Wool Slacks, and even a pair of Corduroys.

– Shoes

Are you going hiking or out for a run? If not, don’t wear sneakers!

Grab yourself a few pairs of brogue shoes, boots, dress boots, chukka or even desert boots. Just make sure sneakers are only worn when they are needed and nothing more.

You won’t be impressing anyone showing up to work in a pair of Adidas.


Your thirties are a really great place to be, but it requires you to make a few changes in your looks, to better suit your age. This doesn’t have to be a hassle, it should be fun, and very slowly you’ll get the hang of it, and realize how much fun dressing up can be!


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